Welcome To Godless Engineer

Here at Godless Engineer we aim to build a community of people where we can laugh about silly religious ideology and fight against religious apologetics against Science and Atheism. We cover a lot of topics including evolution, big bang, mythicism, bible study, history, politics, and the LGBTQ community.

What Is Mythicsm?

Mythicism is the belief that Jesus wasn’t actually a real person. I take the approach of Minimal Mythicism which employs a bayesian analysis of the evidence for a Jesus figure in history. Through this analysis I consider the most likely situation is that Jesus didn’t exist and that early Jewish-Christians used the Old Testament to create this figure and later Christians Euhemerized him.

Shitty Ask Science!

Shitty Ask Science is a subreddit but also a segment on Godless Engineer. Basically I provide horrible scientific explanations to horrible science questions. This mainly comes from the subreddit of the same name but it can literally be any bad science question. 

Today I Learned

It’s always important to learn things everyday. Always make it a point to learn something new. So in this segment I provide 3 pieces of great information that you’ll definitely need to know. They are in no way pointless tid bits of information that you’ll most likely never need.

Heathen Community

The heathen community is the audience that I’m targeting with my content. The demographic of people that don’t adhere to major religions like Christianity, Judaism, or Islam. We are community focused and we hope to build a strong sense of community.