Variable Flat Earth Speed of Light

What’s Up Heathens! Today on the comments we have a lot of great ones. By far the best one is a legit question about the speed of light on the flat earth. I have no idea how light would actually work in a flat earth world with their map. Things get so complicated when you make the world flat.

We have a good today I learned about how the civil rights movement tried to change the view of a detractor while currently, Antifa has reversed that entire effort. The first actual comment is a good comment that suggests I should have more subscribers and at least be at 1M. I doubt I’ll ever grow to be that big but I can only appreciate how many people have subscribed so far. I don’t know why you watch. Then there is one that says the whole flat earth movement is a shill movement to create fake news. There are people that sincerely believe it though so I don’t find it productive to just assume everyone is a government shill.

Next is … oh hey look incoherent nonsense that I really don’t know how to respond to.  Then, someone asserts that there is more science in a flat earth video than all of academia. Sure, buddy… it’s “science.”  Now we get to the speed of light question. This is a good question which is why it’s my favorite. I don’t think the speed of light would be constant considering how light seems to behave on the flat earth models. The weird dispersal patterns from the sun coupled with what we observe in reality seems to lend a lot of weird qualities to light.