Ray Comfort and Questions

So, Ray Comfort apparently has a million-dollar question that he’s lovingly put on these $1M fake bills. I answer his question and react to another supposed atheist who went a different direction and became a Christian all because of this one question.

The Question

So in the video he posted to twitter, it has a guy that gets a tract from a woman who is proselytizing for Jesus. Honestly, this is one of the most irratating things about evanglists like Ray Comfort. 

Look, we all know about Jesus and Christianity. We are constantly bombarded with reminders of the religion. Even if you’re in another country where the religion isn’t practiced by the majority of people, you still get it thrown in your face constantly. So yes, we have all heard about Jesus and his magic tricks. We don’t need to be reminded that we are going to hell. If the God of the Bible actually exists we will probably choose Hell over Heaven.

The question that the tract asks is “If you die to day, would you go to Heaven or Hell?

Oh the Choices

So to accurately answer this question we need to consider the Christian versions of both places. The question is one of obediance to God. Or it is merely a question of whether you believe in Jesus. Or it could be a mixture of both. Christianity is great in that you can basically tailor it to whatever fits your needs / watns. Regardless of what you chose, these factors ultimately determines, at least in the Christian faith, whether or not you get into Heaven or go to Hell.

The question itself seems to imply, at least in context, that you don’t have a choice. It’s out of your hands as to whether or not you go to Heaven or Hell. Unless you count submitting yourself to God as a choice then you do have control. But, ultimately, it is God that decides these things so we can only subjectively determine if we have been obediant to this God.

Going to Hell

Generally, atheists and people not of the Christian faith have not been obiedent to the Christian God nor have they believed in Jesus. It’s safe to say that any atheist walking aroud would definitely be going to hell.  So what is Hell in the Christian faith? Some quote the Bible’s statement that there will be a “gnashing of teeth” and a lake of fire. They will also tell you that it’s just separation from God and that in itself is excruciating torture. I’ve been separated from God for nearly 10 years and I’m doing great. So Hell doesn’t really seem all that bad, considering the Alternative.

Going to Heaven

What would heaven be like in Christianity. We don’t really get all that much detail on Heaven in the Bible. What we do know is that there will be no sadness and no sin. We will constantly be praising God and Jesus 24/7. 

Full Stop.

Yeah I’ll just go with what you call “Hell” because I’d rather be in that “Hell” for eternity than spend an eternity praising a God that doesn’t deserve to be praised. The Christian God is a dick and if there is an eternity where I’m far away from that motherfucker then I’ll chose that.

Question Answered

So to finally answer this seemingly easy question. Regardless of whether I meet the requirements of getting into Heaven, I would much rather spend eternity in Hell. At least there I don’t have to suck God and Jesus dick to get the Holy Spirity juice smeared over my face all day, every day. 

Luckily though, there is no evidence that Heaven nor Hell exists. After we die, we simply cease to exist. We don’t know what happens after we die but considering how our bodies and minds work it makes sense that we would just cease to exist. That’s peaceful to me. I defintely don’t want spend enternity praising God or seeing the assholes that I see on the daily now.