Biblical Prophecies Are Bogus

So, today in the comments we have someone that claims all the biblical prophecies are coming true so I guess we need to repent or something? I’m not sure what they want me to do about it. I also don’t think biblical prophecies are all that spectacular because they just sound like Ms. Cleo to me. They are often vague and written so that they will be applicable at any point in time. It would help me out a lot of these people could be a bit more specific in what biblical prophecies are coming true instead of just a blanket statement.

Christianity was invented by the Romans

This is just a ridiculous statement to make. This is one of the crank Mythicist ideas that have been generated. It is an embarrassment to me as a Mythicist. The claim has no basis in history. Jewish-Christians started Christianity because they had visions and hallucinations of the Messiah of Judaism. They then used the visions and scripture to generate their theology. If you want to know more, you should check out the CHRESTUS app either on Google Play or the App Store.

Evolution Destroyed by Mathematics

Evolution has verified proof that it is actually a thing so there is no way that Math has disproved evolution. You can make math “prove” anything that you want it to. Statistics is a perfect example of the pliable nature of Math. Until you can disprove the actual Theory of Evolution completely, it will stay the leading explanation for the diversity of life on this planet.

Kent Hovind Destroyed Me, Apparently

Another guy claims that Kent Hovind Destroyed me…yeah right. I really don’t understand those that claimed I got demolished by Kent. I may not have done very well in general but I also didn’t do as bad as people make it out to be. They shit on me for both being too giving to Kent by examining his claims and for not being a petulant child by demanding that Kent answer my questions.

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