Grooming will not be tolerated

What’s Up Heathens! Today we are going over a lot of priestly rules including what happens to Priests’ harlot daughters as well as the grooming rules of priests.

So first we talk about the priests ability to defile themselves for death. Apparently they can’t touch dead people unless it’s a close family member or something. They also can’t cut their bodies or their hair because that profanes God.

Priests can’t do marriages for prostitutes or divorced women. Harlot daughters should be burned. High Preists can’t rip their clothes or anything. They have to have the straight and curly side hair. They can’t be around dead bodies at all. Cause that is icky. High priests can only take virgins as brides.

Blemished people can’t be priests. They also can’t have the food offerings and they can’t get near the curtains. We know how much God loves his curtains. If you touch unclean people, you get cut off from your people. LOOOOVE YOU.