The Sun Doesn’t Exist

Today in the Comments, someone thinks human skin proves the sun doesn’t exist. At least not as we think it does. To this person, the sun is claimed to be a ball of fire. The fact that bonfires don’t seem to give you a tan is proof that the Sun doesn’t exist to this person.

What Is The Sun Made Of?

The sun is made up of 70% Hydrogen and 28% Helium. There are also various small amounts of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, neon, iron, silicon, magnesium, and sulfur. The sun is a giant ball of plasma that uses nuclear fusion to turn hydrogen into helium. This causes a huge amount of energy to be emitted in the form of photons. These photons are incredibly energized and it escapes the gravity of the Sun when they are emitted.

When people claim that the “sun isn’t a burning ball of fire,” I have to agree with them. It’s a ball of plasma using nuclear fusion to create heavier elements. During this process, the Sun emits photons that provide earth the energy it requires. This would also take the slightest bit of intellectual honesty, which these people don’t have.

How Is Vitamin D Produced?

Your skin produces Vitamin D when exposed to ultraviolet B rays.  7-dehydrocholesterol undergoes photolysis and breaks down into previtamin D when it is exposed to ultraviolet B rays. Previtamin D is then rearranged into vitamin D and distributed to the body. Fatty fish or fortified foods can also contain vitamin D and be absorbed into your system through the lower instestine.

The sun is very important to the evolution of life on earth. Vitamin D helps us regulate our body’s calcium and is very important to bone health. Without this vitamin we would have evolved very differently or not at all.

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Climate Change Denier Claims Wind Science Is Fake

Wind is created through a thermodynamic process where colder air rushes to fill in where air has warmed and risen higher in the atmosphere.

Clear Energy Alliance Lies About Climate Change Consensus

Clear Energy Alliance distorts the consensus on Climate Change in order to push a fossil-fuel narrative against environmentalism and renewable energy sources.

Apologist Claims Scientists Shouldn’t Answer Questions

No, scientists shouldn’t be controlled by religion and science can definitely answer questions that religion attempts to answer.

Atheists Are Lying To Everyone and Causing Divorces

Atheists are not lying to anyone let alone themselves. Atheists most certainly aren’t the cause of divorces. These are fallacious apologist talking points.

Frank Turek Doesn’t Actually Understand Science…

Frank Turek shows that he doesn’t understand science or the scientific method. He complains that scientists accept evolution as well as rejecting miracles.

Intelligent Design Has No Explanatory Power At All!

Intelligent Design cannot be an explanation for anything because it lacks the explanatory power to describe our reality.

How Eukaroytes Evolved From Prokaryotes

Eukaryotes evolved from prokaryotes using endosymbiosis with mitochondrion like bacteria that infected a prokaryotic bacteria cell. They became unable to live separately and developed into eukaryotic organisms.

Nathan Thompsons Best Proof For A Flat Earth

Nathan Thompson thinks the best proof for a flat earth is the fact that water is flat at rest. This is not indicative of a flat earth, but it is indicative of gravity.