Best Proof For Flat Earth

Today we are going to check out Nathan Thompsons best proof for flat earth. Obviously, he’s going to be 100% wrong on this subject but he did take time out of his night to talk to me. This conversation happened this past may just after my D. Marble Video where we discuss water as a proof of a flat earth.

Water as Proof of Flat Earth

He claims the best proof is how water remains level and flat all the time. He doesn’t understand that this is because of gravity and that makes the earth a sphere. We discuss fluid dynamics and fluid statics as it relates to his flat earth proof. Nathan seems to have a problem with the idea that water is a fluid and is acted upon by external forces to determine its shape. One of the forces that act upon the water is gravity. That’s why water always seems flat. Nathan assumes this is because the earth is flat because “water doesn’t curve,” which is provably false.

Nathan actually admits that he learned something from my videos! He had never heard of Bernoulli’s equation. Bernoulli’s equation explains the balance between velocity, pressure, and elevation. it explains why there is a pressure gradient on earth which is actually due to Gravity.

Is There a Measurable Curve?

Yes, there is a measurable curve. There is no flat earth proof that shows there isn’t. The best way to see this curve is on the vertical axis as you’re looking across a seemingly flat stretch of earth, either ocean or flat land. You can see how the curve hides portions of objects in the distance. They want to say that its either because of air density or perspective that we see this but that doesn’t explain what we actually observe.

Horizontal Indication of Curvature 

You can see a horizontal curve if you get up high enough. At 35K feet and wide field of view will allow you to see enough of the earth to discern the curvature of the earth.