Disproved Earth’s Rotation? Nope…

This is Daniel Pratt. Dan thinks that he has disproved the Earth’s Rotation with some “logic.” He starts off by saying that Globe proponents are correct:

for the last time when I use these basketball examples and they say oh that’s spinning way too fast in a way they’re correct
Yes we are correct because you think the surface speed of the earth matters for detecting rotation. The rotational speed is what matters when considering the rotation of the earth. This would seem like a “DUH…” kind of statement but Daniel Pratt doesn’t understand this. The rotational speed of the Earth is 0.00069444444 rpm and at that speed you cannot detect the earth’s rotation with your senses. 

How the Earth Doesn’t Work…

Pratt then goes on to describe his idea of what we should be feeling as we walk from the top of the globe towards the equator.
 in other words it is no different than standing at the North Pole the axis we spin on and you start walking towards the equator is no different than if you were on a stationary platform and started walking straight ahead and every five feet there was a new moving walkway and the first one was going one mile an hour and the next one two miles an hour and the next one three miles an hour the next one four miles an hour the next one five miles an hour the next one six miles an hour all the ways you walk to the equator until you get to the one that’s moving 1,000 miles an hour that has to be according to mathematics and every physical principle on this earth moving 1,000 miles an hour that walkway must be moving at the equator

This entire scenario doesn’t even make sense. While the surface speed of the earth is going that fast it is only going that fast in relation to the center of the earth or outside the earth system. He has no idea what a reference frame is. If we are on the earth we would also be moving at the same surface speed. This is similar to being inside a car. If you are travelling at 60 mph in a car then you yourself are actually travelling that fast along with the car. Daniel doesn’t understand this simple physics principle. 

The Experiment

The next thing he does is attempt to perform an experiment in which he pours water on a kickball that is spinning really fast. Not at all representative of how fast the earth spins.  To his credit he does actually state that Globe proponents say that the Earth spins really slow but he says that is not correct because the surface speed is 1K MPH at the equator. He then proceeds to pour water on the spinning ball and declares himself a winner. Just like a pigeon playing chess, Daniel Pratt shit on the board and walked away like he won.