Gravity Isn’t Real

What’s up Heathens! Today we are having a conversation with Eric, a flat earther, who I try talk about gravity and the flat earth. It’s somewhat of a struggle to keep him on track.

He starts out by saying that we were both heated in the beginning. I then clarify that he was heated and I wasn’t. He claims that my videos are very belligerent and inflammatory. I promptly show him how my videos in no way compare to the rhetoric he spouted. He holds up this idea that we are both on the same level, at least initially.

So I try to get him started on the flat earth conversation. In messages, I told him that was what I was interested in and that was that we talked about. He starts telling me the flat earth conspiracy isn’t about the shape of the earth. It’s about control. then he goes on a 40-minute long rant (available to patrons) about government and how the government is a religion or something. I’m not sure. You’ll have to be a patron to find out what he’s actually talking about.

After 40-minutes I get him back on track and we start to talk about gravity. I honestly don’t pay attention when he starts in with his trash talk. As you can tell i’m only half listening to his rhetoric while I wait for an answer. The best he can muster is “why do you have to know everything, that’s sociopathic” and “density gives things weight.” It was an intersting experience but overall I’m not all that impressed with the flat earth community’s ability to actually explain why certain things are wrong and they are correct.