Wait, Aliens are Demons???

Today’s video is the February Winners pool of Dumbasses of the Week.¬†According to one commenter, Aliens are definitely demons. I’ve seen this alien rhetoric when dealing with the super magical religious people. They consider the experiences of people that have been “abducted by aliens” to actually be possessed by demons. They also think that demons are to blame for bad things people do.¬†


The next person I believe had a stroke while writing their comment because it doesn’t make any sense. They are complaining about feeling betrayed by their friends because their GoFundMe had been going on for a while and hadn’t reached their goal. Then they throw some random Donald Trump shade. They top off their crazy with “FUCK VALENTINES DAY 2 ”¬† which was ironically enough some of the only words they spelled correctly.


Dinosaurs Didn’t Exist?

Sabertooth tigers didn’t go extinct they are really just Mastodons. I honestly have no idea what in the world is with the person that says Sabertooth Tigers are just Mastodons. The same person said that Velociraptors are really just Kangaroos.

Upside Down “Flaying” Planes

We also have our token flat earther complaining about planes “flaying” upside down. Obviously, planes don’t fly upside down due to the fact that up and down are relative directions.


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