Gravity Is Fake, Y’all

Today we have the monthly comments for May 2019. We have several people that claim gravity is fake, pseudoscientific, and copies the electrostatic forces. Mostly flat earth idiots today on the show with a few random ones thrown in. Like someone that thinks my reasons for being a Mythicist would mean that I would believe Jesus raised from the dead. That’s just ridiculous.

Copy Cat Gravity

We are told that Gravity is a copycat pseudoscientific idea that just copies Coulomb’s law. Of course, this is ridiculous because Newton’s law of gravitation was presented nearly 100 years prior to Coulomb’s discovery. They still don’t understand the difference between general theory and a scientific one.

Reference Frames For Gravity

A lot of flat earthers don’t understand different reference frames. Especially when they consider gravity and it’s effects. They come up with the misonception that things are “upside down” on the underside of the Earth. They wonder how people can “walk upside down in Australia.” This is clearly a case of ignorance concerning both gravity and frames of reference.¬†

In my frame of reference, Australians would seem to be walking upside down. But in an Australian’s frame of reference I would be upside down. This is because in a 3-D space there is no objective up and down. You must subjectively define those directions. Gravity operates in this 3-D space and we are all pulled to the center of the earth. Each person’s frame of reference would be different. My frame of reference is of no use to an Australian when considering gravity.

Eyewitness Testimony for Resurrection

There simply is no eyewitness testimony for the resurrection of Jesus. Our earliest source is Paul and he only testifies to a celestial Jesus that never stepped foot on earth. Later Gospels created eyewitnesses to Euhemerize  Jesus into history. This would give their faith credibility and allow them to recruit more people into the faith.

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