Elijah, The Firebender

A lot of things happen today in the Daily Bible, A surprised Fonzi sends 102 men to escort Elijah back to his palace and Elijah becomes a Firebender to attack them. Before all that though, Ahab kicked the bucket during a battle which he was told he would die in but he ignored. A surprised Fonzi, his son, took over the kingdom. That was Israel but meanwhile in Judah J-Hoe was bringing back law and order to Judah. Apparently, it had just been pure anarchy without the Judges, actual judges, not the ones ordained by God that we have in the book of Judges.

J-Hoe In Judah

J-Hoe is about to get messed up by some people that decided they wanna make J-Hoe pay. J-Hoe then begs Yahweh for help. Yahweh is like “Yah… way to submit yourselves yo.” God uses his pokemon power of confusion and causes the armies of randos to defeat themselves. Judah then plunders all the unused booty of the dead armies.

Fonzi Gets Sick

Meanwhile in Israel, after some bad business decisions, the surprised Fonzi ruler fell into some biohazard waste and got sick. Elijah said he wouldn’t recover because he made God mad. Surprised Fonzi sent 102 men to get Elijah which were promptly dispatched by the Firebending Elijah, his second evolved form.

Seriously tho..

The number 3 is prominent in the Bible as a wisdom number relating directly to God. The king has to send 3 sets of troops and on the 3rd try, they submit to God. This is common in fictional stories and makes sense that they would use the number 3 to their benefit here. The message in this particular bible study is to submit to God and only then are worthy of his council.