D. Marble Doesn’t Understand The Sun

What’s up Heathens! Tonight on the show we have D. Marble stopping by to tell us why the Sun proves a flat earth. He’s wrong about everything but he’ll be confident when he says it.

He starts off by casting doubt on how far away the sun is and how we can see the sun rays through the clouds. They point to a sun that is just above the atmosphere apparently. He talks about the hot spots on the clouds and water that proves how far away the sun is. He also goes into crepuscular rays and how they prove the sun is actually closer to the earth. He uses the blue sky as a reason why the Nasa images are faked. Because the sky is blue and the area around the sun in Nasa images are black. He disbelieves the sun is as large as it is because he sees a small sun. Then he uses some plane footage to prove the sun is close to us.

He ends up calling his friends in the UK and Australia to see if they can see the sun because he thinks that Day and Night is a perfect 12 hr time period on a Globe earth model. This guy is serious somehow. I’m not sure how.