Mark Sargent is a Shill?

Today in the Comments, we have someone that is claiming that both Mark Sargent and Behind the Curve to be controlled opposition. If you didn’t know there is a giant rift in the flat earth community between several groups. This is caused by their constant paranoia over stupid stuff. When you have crappy methods for determining truth in the first place, then it makes sense that this would happen.

Controlled Opposition

It’s claimed that Mark and the Behind the Curve documentary are controlled opposition. Or at least that Mark is just a shill paid to make Flat Earth look ridiculous in that film. I do not believe that Mark is malicious in his belief. 

Controlled opposition is the blanket, catch-all explanation for flat earthers that disagree with what other flat earthers say. The experiments that were done in the Behind the curve documentary do not bode well for the community in general. The reactions of the flat earthers towards the outcome of the experiments do not make them look good. Bob just made up ad-hoc excuses and claimed that they wouldn’t accept the results.

The only way for a lot of these people to make sense of why a fiber optic gyroscope would register a shift is for the documentary to be controlled opposition.

This is bound to Happen

This community, the flat earth community, is based on doubting authorities because the authorities just want to control you. To them, the ultimate authority, the Illuminati or whatever, is in control of it all. If you hear someone say something you don’t think is true, then it’s controlled opposition. As with every community, the ideas about what is true and what should be done vary wildly. The only problem is that in this particular community you can easily be put on the “controlled opposition” list. This can happen by simply having a different opinion than someone else.

Ultimately, these people just want to believe what they already believe. They want to have special knowledge that nobody else seems to have. If someone comes to close to the other side of the conversation, they must be paid to do so.

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