DelanoTV could be a troll

What’s up Heathens! Today on the show Creationist Cat, Hiith, and I will be responding to DelanoTV’s reaction to our videos! He has nothing but the best arguments for his position and his videos.

First off, I had no idea that DelanoTV had responded to me let alone 3 of us that have mentioned him in the past. I was lucky enough to have a lot of you heathens send me the video. I’m also thankful that both hiith and Creationist cat were willing to give me their input on the video too. They are an awesome couple of guys so you should definitely go and subscribe to them now.

First DelanoTV takes on Creationist Cat. Technically he’s not a globe believer but DelanoTV thinks he is and that’s what matters. Creationist Cat lays out the basic blueprint for DelanoTV’s arguments and I guess DelanoTV didn’t like that. Hopefully, Creationist Cat and I are still on good terms and he hasn’t totally shunned me because I did include his links down there.

Next is my video. He hardly says anything during the entire video other than ironic statements that make me think he’s a troll. Some of his reactions are just facial expressions and others are just telling me to shut up. He also posits another idea for why the sky is blue despite my explanation of the scientific reason. He favors just making stuff up.

Finally, we get to hiith and his falcon heavy video. He has a somewhat cogent point near the end of that section but as hiith points out there is a long computation time between when DelanoTV sees the issue and when he raises his objection. I think he actually considers that he was wrong for second before the cognitive dissonance took a hold again.