Earth is flat? Nope!

What’s Up Heathens! Today we are going to find out how Atheists are just denying the truth and reality of the flat earth. I’m not sure how we do that but maybe the commenter will give us an idea?

First, we have to find out who won last week and the winner was the sweaty virgin comment. So keep those god points handy if you won them.

So Atheists do not just deny reality or the truth. Especially when it comes to Flat Earth ridiculousness. We just want a true representation of reality and the Flat Earth is exactly opposite of that. Everything that we can test and experiment shows us that the earth is not flat. Flat Earthers always want to paint us as being the one to cling onto false facts and beliefs but they are the ones suffering from Dunning-Kruger.

The only way for them to justify their point of view is to believe that everyone is against them. This causes them to even turn on themselves.