Scientists Shouldn’t Be Curtailed

Today we are taking a look at Trinity Radio’s Jonathan Pritchett claiming that scientists shouldn’t answer questions related to his faith. He claims that these questions are out of the wheelhouse of science and scientists shouldn’t be allowed to answer them. I incredibly disagree with this sentiment.

Religion has only ever been proven wrong

For one, everything that has been explained by “god” in the past has later on been explained by science. So saying that science needs to stick to its lane just means you don’t want science debunking your faith.

I don’t think that science can prove that God doesn’t exist, because science doesn’t work that way. But, no claim that Religion has made has stood up to the scrutiny of scientists. This is due to religion making claims about reality and that is in the wheelhouse of science. The main purpose of science is to describe our reality the best that we can using all of our knowledge to do it. When we learn something new we refactor our conclusions given that new information.

Religion doesn’t do that at all. Religion dogmatically holds its position until someone creates a new version of the religion or are forced to change their core doctrine. This change doesn’t come with new information. This changed is pushed upon by its adherents because otherwise the religion would just die.

Scientists shouldn’t be controlled by Religion

Second, Science should never be controlled by your holy book…ever. Science has been consistently held back by religion. Galileo Galilei was put on house arrest for pushing the notion of heliocentrism. That’s the fact that the earth orbts the sun, and not the other way around. Recently it’s been shown that creationists were actually hiding fossils┬ábecause of the effect it could have on their faith.

There are an untold number of instances of this happening so I think it would be very bad for scientists to be controlled by religion. It would put a stop to a lot of scientific inquiry.