Christians Should Celebrate Halloween

Today we are taking a look at Bible Flock Box, aka Greg, and his hypocritical reasons for why Christians shouldn’t be celebrating Halloween. He’s only got bad reasons for why Christians shouldn’t celebrate Halloween. Now I completely disagree with the sentiment that Christians shouldn’t celebrate Halloween. Whether or not you celebrate any holiday is up to you; so, don’t let guys like this affect whether or not you celebrate any holiday.

Reason #1: Halloween Is Pagan

For instance, reason #1 is that it has pagan origins but Halloween is so removed from those origins that you’re not actually celebrating Samhein you’re celebrating a commercialized holiday like Valentine’s day. Halloween is a holiday celebrated on Oct. 31 and it coincides with the pagan celebration known as Samhain. The only reason why we celebrate Halloween is because the Catholic Church moved their All Saints Day to Nov. 1st to cover up Samhain and get pagans to convert to Christianity. We know this to be the case because there are three other celebrations that happen in that Pagan tradition that aren’t celebrated.

Also, all Christian holidays are based off pagan traditions and celebrations. Baptism, communion, and even having a savior deity are pagan traditions. This particular point is rather silly.

Reason #2: Devoid of Christian Values

Almost everything that we do in our daily lives does not embody Christian values. What are Christian values? Basically, the only thing that is a “Christian” value is believing in Jesus and submitting yourself to Jesus. So this just seems like a cherry picking of one particular thing and claiming you shouldn’t partake because you’re not doing it for Jesus. 

You don’t glorify Jesus when you eat at a restaurant or take your son to school. Christmas has been primarily attached to Christianity but there has always been some kind of celebration around this time of year. Also, what is the Christian value in Christmas other than most Americans think that Jesus was actually born at this time? Most of what happens at Christmas doesn’t actually glorify Jesus.

I know Easter is about the resurrection of Jesus but most of the things we do on Easter aren’t glorifying Jesus. How does hiding eggs glorify Jesus? or Easter baskets. To be quite honest, Jesus resurrecting was always a minor thing that I have ever related to the holiday.

Reason #3: Halloween Glorifies Death

The most hypocritical reason is reason #3. Reason #3 is about the celebration of death around this holiday. I mean…he understands that Christians celebrate that every “good” Friday and easter right? The religion is based on the human sacrifice of God’s only son. This is actually mirror to Abraham attempting to sacrifice Isaac. Also, human blood magic is more powerful than simple animal blood magic. Most of the Old Testament has animals being slaughtered by the thousands to sacrifice to their God. The Bible is all about glorifying death. 

Greg, from Bible Flock Box, wants to paint the Bible and Christianity as being about ever lasting life after we die. Having an immortal soul that just worships God forever after we get to Heaven. Really though, it’s about the death of God’s son and how good that was for humanity. Catholics literally idolize Jesus being crucified.

This particular point also seems ridiculous.

Reason #4: Immortal Souls

What…this is what Christianity teaches. Christianity teaches about ever lasting life after we die. An immortal soul that goes to heaven to praise God for eternity. How can this be a reason for not celebrating halloween when your religion teaches this very concept?

Reason #5: Evil Imagery

The crucifixion is pretty evil if you ask me. There is also a lot of evil imagery in the Old Testament. Of course, Christians want to focus on the happy go lucky parts of the Bible but that’s not all that is in there. There is crucifixion, blood feuds, murder glorified by god.

One time God had Elijah kill a ton of prophets from other religions. King David slaughtered people all the time and sent a guy to his death because he wanted his wife. The Bible is all about evil imagery but of course it’s evil imagery for the glory of God.

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