Frank Turek and Evolution

Today we are looking at Frank Turek demonstrate that he doesn’t actually understand science. Frank Turek considers all scientists that accept evolution to be atheists. He totally alienates a lot of the scientific community. He goes on to say that theistic evolutionists simply don’t exist by stating that all scientists presume that God doesn’t exist when they do research. He also claims that scientists shouldn’t be wrong…ever.

Why So Many Scientists Accept Evolution

He starts off attempting to answer the question “Why are so many scientists still believing in evolution even though there is good evidence to the contrary?” or something like that. To answer Karen’s question, that is the conclusion that you should be led to if you are honestly looking at the evidence. I would like to know what evidence you know of that debunks evolution. All evolutionary biologists have examined the creationist arguments and have debunked or dismissed those lines of evidence.

Intelligent Design doesn’t offer us any predictions or descriptions of reality. It fails to meet the very basic requirements for an explanation. That’s why scientists do not consider God as a viable option when looking for explanations. They shouldn’t.

Frank also complains that scientists don’t accept the supernatural or miracles when looking for answers. God is a stop sign for finding real answers to natural questions. In 2012, a statue was found to be “crying” and the religious people in the region went nuts. They would save it and drink it. Turns out it was bad plumbing that caused the water to drip off the statue. God, miracles, or the supernatural are not explanations for anything. They cannot describe our reality.

Theistic Evolutionists Don’t Exist?

Next Frank goes on to say that scientists presuppose that God doesn’t exist when doing their work. I contend that God doesn’t even need to be brought up in Science because God isn’t an explanation for anything let alone a scientific explanation. That’s not presupposing that God doesn’t exist. He tries to paint scientists that accept evolution as a fact as being predisposition against God. What he fails to realize is that 33% of working scientists that accept evolution are theists.

Scientists Should Never Be Wrong

Frank finishes strong by suggesting that Scientists should never be wrong about things. The best thing about science is that we can be wrong and change our conclusions based on new evidence. There is a mechanism in the scientific method just for that situation. New information should always be considered to any question that we have asked or will ask.

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