Evolution isn’t Reality?

Today in the comments, a “biologist” said that evolution isn’t based in reality. He also claimed that only intelligence and information comes from intelligence. Well, what created that intelligence so it could create the other intelligence…This usually results in a special pleading argument for god. He goes on to spill a lot more crap that is the general intelligent design rhetoric.

Someone also calls me a fake engineer which I thoroughly disprove that idea. For some reason, the same person thinks that I live in California. Another person pity’s me and someone else calls me smug. Another person lovingly says that all atheists are hypocrites because we are fine with the GRSM community and prefer abortion services be provided if needed/wanted. Then a person calls me a “kooky snowflake” for responding to a bad rap that shames women for having abortions. Yes, calling out emotional abuse of an entire gender of people makes me a snowflake…says the snowflake.

An atheist felt the need to question why I respond to religious stuff at all and that he doesn’t care about any of that stuff. That’s fine Harry, don’t fucking watch.

It’s a fun day in the comments!

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