Oil is a Fossil Fuel

What’s Up Heathens! Today we are talking about a lot of different comments. For one, apparently, oil is not a fossil fuel. I mean that’s completely wrong but when have the dumb comments been correct?

First we have to crown last weeks winner. That winner is Dax. Dax is a flat earther who really didn’t like my video. His ultimate proof that a globe earth is that atmospheres can’t exist next vacuums. I disagree and so does reality.

Enzo has a great comment about Erasthones’ shadow experiment. Apparently it proves nothing and NASA controls all information about space. This is hilariously wrong. Dr. DTrizzle thinks I sound pretty foolish denying God’s firmament.

Did you know I have a discord?

Then someone tells us how wrong it is to double click your mouse ladies. You’re killing your body by doing that. Also, that body part is form making babies… didn’t you know.

Finally, we hit Enzo again with oil is not a fossil fuel and that it doesn’t derive from fossils. Strangely he’s not wrong but he is wrong. Oil is a fossil fuel because of how it is naturally made with the decomposing bio-matter of living things. He’s not wrong that Oil is not made from fossils. I can’t believe that I had to type that.