The Moon isn’t close to us

What’s Up Heathens! Today we are looking at a RichieFromBoston video where he proves chemtrails are real and that the moon is much closer to the earth than we think.

First RichieFromBoston starts off with a little chemtrail viewing and explaining how long, thick, and persistent they are. Honestly, with the nature of my channel, it was a bit hard to focus at this point because of how he was describing these Chemtrails. I soldier through the innuendos and explain how Chemtrails don’t exist and that contrails are the only thing that exists. I explain how the pressure, humidity, and temperature are all factors in making a contrail. These contrails were a big concern during WWII because the allies didn’t want the Axis powers to know we were coming via contrails.

Anyways, he gets past the Chemtrail schtick and moves onto the moon. He zooms in on the moon and declares he can see stars showing through it. What he doesn’t know is that those are just the more reflective layers of the moon that haven’t been worn away by meteorites slamming into it. The moon used to have volcanic activity going on but it has long since cooled down and basically froze in place. The darker spots on the moon are the underlying layers of cooled lava.

He also compares the Prudential building to the moon as if they are the same size. Since he can zoom in on the Prudential building and see detail and the same with the moon then they are the same size. I don’t really need to point out how ridiculous this is … do I? I mean the moon is many times larger than the Prudential building. If we could see such detail shouldn’t we be able to see the lunar lander? Well to him the moon landing never happened so I guess no?