Jews Sacrifice Animals?

What’s Up Heathens! Today on the podcast we talk about why Jews don’t need to sacrifice animals anymore The answer isn’t really found in the Old Testament at all. It’s actually in the Torah.

So our main focus today is talking about the rules and laws surrounding sacrifices and offerings. Apparently they burn herbs to please god. As well as priests. I don’t know why they would burn them. They also have daily sacrifices and offerings. They also talk about the appropriate areas for sacrificing animals. Because we wanna keep that stuff contained in one area instead of having people sacrificing lambs on the lawn.

Next up are ceral sacrifices. This would be your fruity pebbles and your captain crunches. You have to pour a little bit out to the gods before consuming such delicious breakfast meals. Also, none of this fluffy cake stuff. We only want flat cakes of unleavened bread. Talking about fluff. You can fluff your way to Hades is what you can do. They also have specific rules on the use of salt as well as other general instructions that do not make sense now.