Atheists Aren’t Lying

Today we are looking at “Atheism vs Logic” and how he claims that atheists are lying to everyone and even causing divorces. He’s totally serious when he claims these things. He uses a basic God of the Gaps argument to prove the existence of God.  He then goes on to claim that from now on he’s just going to label all atheists liars because God has been sufficiently proven. He also claims that we are causing divorces so we just need to stop lying and causing so much havoc on people’s lives.

God Of The Gaps

He has a very small gap concerned with abiogenesis. He claims that God had to be the one to create life on earth because we can’t explain some of the processes surrounding abiogenesis. This is a basic God of the Gaps fallacy that apologists love to pull out when science doesn’t have all the answers. They mistakenly think that the default answer is always God. This is proved incorrect if you just look at the history of the God of the Gaps argument. 

Every time God of the Gaps has been used in the past, it’s always been overriden by a natural explanation. Weather, crop cycles, and even the basic night/day cycle all had supernatural explanations at one time or another. All are now understood with natural processes. So while we can’t explain some of the natural processes concerning abiogensis now, doesn’t mean that God is the default answer or that nature “can’t do those things.”

Atheists Aren’t Causing Divorces

 Jeremy ends up making a wild claim that not only are atheists lying to everyone but they are also breaking up marriages. This exemplifies a number of fallacies. First, there is the False Cause Fallacy or Correlation Doesn’t Mean Causation because he states, albeit incorrectly, that atheists are lying. He then connects this idea to a post he saw where a woman was advised to get a divorce concerning the disagreements between her and her husband. Obviously one didn’t cause the other but he wants that to be the narrative so he portrays it like that.

Second, this is a Slippery Slope due to the fact that it’s primarily a false cause. He starts with atheists are liars and then slides down the slope to destroying marriages. Neither are connected but it doesn’t stop this jackass from building a slide between the two statements.