Why Do Seasons Happen?

Alright…Ever been wandering around the woods and found this dipshit?

all right how do we have a hundred degrees difference I’m only here where I live in Arizona all the way to Antarctica or the Arctic how is it that we have 100 degrees at least thank you no you can go far wrong it’ll be colder so how do we have that much difference in temperature if Sun is 93 million miles away

Sir, Are you drunk? First of all, how can you go farther than the arctic and get colder? Do you know how a globe works? Like you keep walking past the arctic and you just get to the otherside of the globe…it doesn’t just keep getting progressively colder…Eventually shit will warm up because it’s a sphere.

Anyways, the answer to your question is the axial tilt of the earth. The sun’s rays hit the earth at a specific angle and that angle determines how hot that portion of the earth gets. So during the summer the earth is tilted towards the sun and angle of incidence is steep. This causes more energy to be absorbed over a smaller area. Meanwhile, in the southern hemisphere the angle is quite large and causes the sunlight to be deflected and it’s energy spread out over a wider area. It’s a lot like shooting a bullet at a wall. If you shoot directly at a wall at a 90 degree angle, the bullet will most likely penetrate. If you should at the wall with say a 120 degree angle, it will most likely ricochet off the wall. Same thing with photons from the sun. The greater the angle of incident the less energy is transferred to the surface.

Moon Landings and The Sun

picture this the moon landing sounds legit right they never told us that they were having to deal with that’s 2300 degrees at least difference because the moon circles the earth once a day goes closest to the Sun once a day no one ever told us they were on a time limit because you know the Sun cake fry the out of them or maybe they gave notes but did they have the ability to shield against 2300 degrees difference clubs the moon really goes through 2300 plus to 2300 – every single day 


Where the fuck are you getting this 2300 degree number? I seriously can’t find this number as it relates to the moon. The moon bounces from 260 degrees F in direct sunlight to -280 degrees F in pitch black. So this 2300 degree number is ridiculous. The Apollo program did not have to take a 2300 degree difference into account.

Also, Of course the missions were on a time limit…the moon missions were timed precisely because they had to take the surface temperature of the moon into account on both sides. Lunar days and nights are about 2 weeks long. That’s why they had to land and explore on the moon while it was mid-phase and they had enough time to explore. They landed on the Earth facing side of the moon on the sunrise terminator line. We landed there because we have the Earth facing side mapped and the sunrise terminator line is like the goldilocks area for the moon…not too hot not too cold. 

Repeating Yourself…Again

figures out yes so I’m not 19 really miles away I feel hot right now if you’re in Antarctica you do not feel hot right now if you were really dealing with the same sunlight that is from 93 million miles away 

What? Why are you repeating yourself again? Also did you say the sun isn’t 19 million miles away? I agree it’s not but it is 93 million miles away and we can determine that with parallax measurements as well as other methods. 

But hey man… you do you I guess…Stay away from kids and young adults.


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