Pareidolia is Powerful

Today we are going through the 5 reasons why mountains & volcanoes do not exist and boy are they not good reasons. The basic premise that Mike, the author of this idea, operates on is that if it looks like something man-made then it had to be man-made. 


1. The Flat Earth Has No Magma

Basically, Mike thinks that mountains and volcanoes look like these mining waste piles that we have today. He claims that both of these things are faked in order to push the “globe” agenda. Mike assumes that the Earth is flat and that magma/lava does not exist on the flat earth. He presents no evidence for these assertions.


2. Mountains Are Ancient Mining Waste

Mike has a lot of pictures of mountains and slag heaps to support his crazy ideas. He thinks that because these current mining waste dumps look similar to mountains that must be how mountains formed. That is not how mountains are formed. He would have to prove that ancient mining was done in the exact same way, which it wasn’t. That’s just the tip of this ridiculous iceberg though.

3. World Is A quarry

Seriously…I can’t believe he’s actually asserting this. He takes a textured representation of the earth and claims it looks like it’s been carved out. Mike uses some pictures of current mining operations to claims that he’s making sense. It only proves that he’s a ridiculous person making baseless assertions.


4. Directed Energy Weapons Create Volcanoes

So, Mike’s point here is that the mountain part of the volcano is created by ancient miners. Then at some point in our history when we didn’t have lasers and stuff we started to use lasers to create the top of the volcano and to make it look like its erupting. Apparently, it’s the DEWs that create ash clouds during an eruption.


5. Eruptions are Disney CGI

Mike outdoes himself on this one because he goes full-on nut job. He claims that eruptions are faked using DEWs, mining explosives, CGI, and “disneyland-style setups.” I mean, he’s got pictures of volcanoes erupting with no indication of any of that stuff being done. Mike just looks at these pictures and is like “yep…that’s a laser and CGI.” Like, they are really erupting, you can physically go and see lava flowing and shit.



I don’t want to believe that Mike is beyond help…but these posts make it seem like he is. I don’t know what makes people believe in these crazy ideas, but he has some support behind his crazy hypothesis…I don’t even want to call it that because of how ridiculous this entire premise is.