If There Is No God, Murder Isn't Wrong by Prager U

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-03-27 07:39:20

PragerU put out this completely stupid video about Divine Command Theory. The idea that there needs to be a god telling you what you can and can't do because apparently we are all sociopaths that don't know right from wrong... or a hole in the ground from our own asshole. I love how he uses his o [...]

PragerU's Anti-Climate Change Propaganda DEBUNKED

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-03-24 08:15:51

Anti-Climate Change Propaganda U PragerU has been a big advertiser here on the GE channel. For some reason, their ads are regularly blasted as well as other religious ads. I figured since they are somewhat paying me to show their ads, might as well take them to task. I know PragerU has that mora [...]

Public Schools should be teaching Prayer, Jesus, and Christianity

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-03-22 08:38:11

Religion in Schools E.W. Jackson is a right-wing pastor here in America. He thinks we should be teaching kids "Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so." Even though not every student is a Christian. He said in a radio program: We need to bring prayer back into schools and we need [...]

Evolution is an Illuminati Hoax

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-03-22 07:02:52

Illuminati Scientists Mario, the Vigilant Christian, is known for being rather eccentric. He has drunk the Truther Kool-aide and went back for seconds. Today we will see how the Illuminati is using Evolution to bring forth the anti-christ. First of all, he says that Evolution is wrong, of course [...]

Flat Earth Sun, Moon, and Eclipse Model Analysis

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-03-20 07:44:13

Sun and Moon? Today on Godless Engineer, we are going to take a look at a few Flat Earth Sun / Moon models and how they explain day, night, and eclipses. Obviously, these models are ridiculous and are downright laughable. They do not explain how we perceive our universe nor does it even explain [...]

Jesus Freak Is Prime Suspect of Amber Alert

Godless Engineeer Last Updated: 2017-03-16 11:59:51

Tad Cummins Tad is the main suspect in an Amber Alert out of Tennessee. He is self described as a "Jesus freak." Normally, I wouldn't care if you're a Jesus freak or Muhammad fanboy but in America, Christianity is regarded as some kind of moral standard. For the general public, one would automat [...]

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