Atom Grew Up a Young Earth Creationist

Today we are finding out how AtomTheAtheist deconverted from young-earth creationism. He was brought up in a very religious home and was homeschooled. The non-denominational church he went to was a bit crazy. They had Holy Laughter and speaking in tongues. Also, a weird ritual where they would take a flag and run around the worship hall yelling like they were in Braveheart or something.


Young Earth Creationism Homeschooling

The craziest thing he believed in was young-earth creationism. He was taught this from a young age and was homeschooled. It seriously affected his future scientific literacy. 

Young earth creationism in homeschooling is a prevalent thing. Answers in Genesis has its own curriculum for it and even textbooks. Although support for creationism in homeschooling seems to be waining a little, the amount of materials for homeschooling parents that deny evolution is massive. These textbooks present evolution as this atheistic idea that is meant to drive people away from God. But, that is so far from the truth it’s laughable. 

Science isn’t meant to disprove God but explain natural phenomena in our reality.

Holy Laughter and Tongues

Atom also experienced something weird called Holy Laughter. Now, holy laughter is actually a new occurrence in Christianity. It’s somewhat related to speaking in tongues but it doesn’t seem to have a basis in the Bible, unlike speaking in tongues. 

Holy Laughter sprung up in the Holiness Christian meetings in the 1800s. It was immediately viewed as an act of god. This uncontrollable laughter is recognized as Pseudobulbar affect. The causes for this condition are a stroke, ALS, MS, traumatic brain injury, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s. These are all neurological conditions or injuries. It is ” believed to be a result of an injury to the neurological pathways that regulate the external expression of emotions, ” according to the mayo clinic.

Climate Change Denier Claims Wind Science Is Fake

Wind is created through a thermodynamic process where colder air rushes to fill in where air has warmed and risen higher in the atmosphere.

Clear Energy Alliance Lies About Climate Change Consensus

Clear Energy Alliance distorts the consensus on Climate Change in order to push a fossil-fuel narrative against environmentalism and renewable energy sources.

Apologist Claims Scientists Shouldn’t Answer Questions

No, scientists shouldn’t be controlled by religion and science can definitely answer questions that religion attempts to answer.

Atheists Are Lying To Everyone and Causing Divorces

Atheists are not lying to anyone let alone themselves. Atheists most certainly aren’t the cause of divorces. These are fallacious apologist talking points.

Frank Turek Doesn’t Actually Understand Science…

Frank Turek shows that he doesn’t understand science or the scientific method. He complains that scientists accept evolution as well as rejecting miracles.

Intelligent Design Has No Explanatory Power At All!

Intelligent Design cannot be an explanation for anything because it lacks the explanatory power to describe our reality.

How Eukaroytes Evolved From Prokaryotes

Eukaryotes evolved from prokaryotes using endosymbiosis with mitochondrion like bacteria that infected a prokaryotic bacteria cell. They became unable to live separately and developed into eukaryotic organisms.

Nathan Thompsons Best Proof For A Flat Earth

Nathan Thompson thinks the best proof for a flat earth is the fact that water is flat at rest. This is not indicative of a flat earth, but it is indicative of gravity.