Climate Change Is Still Happening

What’s Up Heathens! Last week Donkey Kong won the Comment of the Week and there were some runner-ups. This week the Lord and Savior Donald Trump has saved winter by stopping climate change.

First up we have Justa Jester who asks why hell is a threat to someone that doesn’t believe in it? Regardless of whether I believe in it, it’s still a threat. I’m not threatened as much as the person is threatening me with it. The next guy doesn’t understand social programs that help support women. Just because you pay taxes doesn’t mean that you can do anything you want with the people the government helps. Then there is a guy curious as to why responding to flat earthers is important. We have to consistently be pushing the truth in order to combat how fast the virus of misinformation spreads.

I legit have no idea what the next question is trying to get at. My best guess is that the guy wants a baker that can speak English while at the same time being unable to speak English. Now someone is finding a special toothpick that reminds them of Jesus Christ. Somehow they connect this toothpick to faith and the need for higher education that you didn’t think you needed. Next, a guy on twitter wants to blame someone for taking marriage away from God. It would help if these people learned how to grammar.

Another marriage comment tells men to step up like God wanted. This just shows how misogynistic the Christian faith really is. Beckie thinks Donald Trump is Jesus Christ and stopped climate change. Same person as before is back to tell us the bible can never be wrong even when it’s proved to be wrong. I don’t even know what to do with that one.