Climate Change is Real

Today I respond to two vastly different videos on the validity of climate change. One is a conspiracy theorist that thinks it’s an NWO plot to charge more in carbon taxes. The other is a confused college student who thinks that global warming doesn’t exist because it’s cold today… where he lives.

The first video is a guy that is convinced climate change is an NWO plot. He talks about how the earth is a magnet and we have quantum magnetic physics which I have no idea what that is supposed to be. He says that the sun is growing in mass and that the Earth is descending into the sun. None of that is true. What the fuck is this video. He’s correct that our sun will go supernova in about 7B years but that doesn’t mean that worrying about climate change now is a hoax or an NWO plot.

Climate change is very real and very dangerous. Greenhouse gases have been collecting in our atmosphere since its formation on our planet. Most recently, greenhouse gases have been aggregating at an exponential rate. This is causing our climate to change rapidly and extreme weather is the most evident sign of that. In Miami, tides flood the streets when a full moon is present. This and many other examples are just the beginning if we don’t do something soon.

Never mind that … it’s an NWO plot and we will be sucked into the Sun in 7B years anyway, so why care?