Spoiler, Trump Is Wrong

What’s Up Heathens! Today we are taking a look at comments again. We have Trump taking on climate change in a tweet as well as a vaccine-related comment. Last week the guy that called me a redneck baptist won so congrats to everyone that picked him. You win 1000 imaginary points to spend on whatever you want.

First up today, we have President trump shit talking climate change and failing miserably. He confuses global Climate Change with the local weather. I understand how that is a bit confusing but if you simply look at graphs that contain multiple decades of information you can tell we are heading to hell on a roller coaster. Trump isn’t alone in thinking this either. Plenty of science deniers out there will tell you this exact thing regardless of what the actual data tells us.

Brandon tells us that the consequence of Vaccination as a kid is living long enough to die of old age. He’s right. Back in December, SpaceX had another launch which flat-earthers didn’t believe was real either. They have been pretty much in denial since SpaceX began to exist. Next We have some woman telling us that the USA was built on Christian values and therefore it’s a Christian country. The USA isn’t built on that. While some were Christian, they were able to keep their faith out of the government. Unlike most Christians now.

Then we have Jamie with Pascal’s wager. Despite the fact that other religions exist and offer the same types of evidence, they still resort to the “Better to believe than burn” mentality. Chilly kindly reminds me that I’m still an asshole. George tells us how no Nazis ever defected because they lost which is completely wrong. Nasa wasn’t built with Nazis.