Moon Doesn’t do this

What’s Up Heathens! Today we are discussing how the moon proves both Darwin and Evolution wrong. Of course, the moon doesn’t do these things but this guy twists math and science in order to say that it does.

So first off he claims that the bible is more accurate than science and explains how the Creationists get 6K years. But he assumes 50 years a generation when it’s more like 20-30 years but he also rounds up 200 years. That’s 4 whole generations missing in his own math. Then he tries to describe how the saltiness of the water should be unlivable by sea creatures now if we live on an old earth. He neglates the water cycle and the way the seas are naturally desalinated by the cycle as salt is added to the water. It is in equilibrium but he doesn’t understand that.

This is the beginning of his problem though. He considers measurements that we have now to have remained that way throughout the history of the earth. That simply isn’t true as rates change throughout time. I’m fairly certain this problem arises when you reject the uniformatarian view of reality.

He then goes into how the moon factors in. He claims the moon would have been so close to the earth 1.5B years ago the tidal forces wouldn’t have allowed evolution to happen. Apparently he can’t do math because 1.5B years ago at our current measurement of 4 cm per year that the moon’s orbit changes it would have only been a 9% difference in the orbit. Sure the tides would have been different but it wasn’t so close that the tides would have prevented life from evolving.