Atheists Have No Purpose?

Today we are responding to Shock Of God calling me out in a video. He claims that I have no purpose in my life and that nothing I do even matters. We are going to analyze these two particular claims as well as address his insults.

Evolution…Always Evolution

For some reason, Shock of God has to bring up evolution at the start of every one of his videos. He compares his motorcycle to the human body and claims that humans had to be designed. This is a false equivalence fallacy, argument from design, and an argument from complexity all wrapped up in less than a minute. 

Obviously, the crotch rocket is designed. There are no natural processes that can explain a motorcycle coming together. This results in a false equivalence when he compares his motorcycle to the human body based on complexity. True, our bodies operate differently and could even be considered more complex. That doesn’t mean that we are designed. Since there are natural processes that explain how humans evolved into our present state, we do not need to insert a magical god-figure into the process. 

If you were to compare the two ideas, science has all these steps, explanations, and connections between the different processes that explain in detail how it is we evolved the way we did. Shock just draws a big cloud and writes god on it with no good evidence to actually support that conclusion. For Shock of God, this is a basic god of the gaps argument. He thinks that there is a gap in scientific knowledge when there isn’t.

Narcissism Personality Disorder

Shock of God seems to suffer from Narcissism Personality Disorder. This disorder is characterized by an inflated sense of their own importance, a need for excessive attention and admiration, and a lack of empathy for others. Shock of God shows all these characteristics in his videos. He projects himself as a very confident, god-fearing Christian when in reality he is a small, self-hating person that is very vulnerable to even the slightest bit of criticism.

People like Shock of God can only feel better about themselves by denigrating others. It’s what makes him feel superior to other people because there is no way that he can be inferior to anyone. That’s why I don’t let his petty insults affect me. I actually feel very sorry for him because that’s just a bad way to be in general. If you can only feel validated or worth something by denigrating others, then you should probably talk to a therapist or a psychologist.

Nothing Matters In An Atheists Life

I do have a purpose in this life. I chose to live this life instead of hiding under a belief in god. That’s not to say that those that believe in God don’t live their lives. I realize that this life is the only life that I have to live and I’m not going to spend one more minute of it praying or begging someone to have mercy on me for shit that isn’t even wrong. 

I don’t think anyone has an objective purpose in their life. I think it’s all very subjective and more importantly, YOU give yourself purpose. Not some god in the sky. YOU do. Shock will tell you that the objective purpose in life is to worship his god. That’s fine if he wants to do that but that is not the purpose of every single person on earth and nor should it be. Shock seems to equate what he has deemed his purpose in life with what everyone should objectively hold as their purpose in life. This is a symptom of his narcissistic personality disorder.

Finally, It all does matter. Shock of God doesn’t think it matters because to him the endgame is Heaven. I don’t have that endgame so obviously, everything that I do is pointless. This is more of the narcissism that theists like Shock suffer from.  The things that I do affect people around me. Last year, KC and I raised over $1000 in peanut butter for starving orphans in Haiti. We have helped out numerous friends of ours, all in an effort to make this world suck a little less. Generally speaking, that’s all most people can actually do. Make this world suck a little less. That’s a pretty goal or objective. We strive to give our lives meaning and to positively affect the community around us. 

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