Basic Jehovah Witness Beliefs w/ TellTale Atheist

Basic Jehovah Witness Beliefs w/ TellTale Atheist

Jehovah Witnesses Are Weird

What’s Up Heathens! Today we are talking about the Jehovah Witness cult with TellTale Atheist. There is a cartoon out that explains the basics of their belief system. I wasn’t sure if it was legit so I had TellTale Atheist look at it with me.

So Jehovah Witnesses believe that Jesus is the archangel Michael prior to becoming a mortal man on earth. The holy spirit impregnated the virgin Mary with Michael and then he became Jesus. Jesus isn’t the messiah of Christianity until his baptism. This is a slightly strange belief because it mixes two popular ideas, Adoptionism / the virgin birth, in Christianity that aren’t usually mixed. The Jehovah Witness cult seems to have used their super Cognitive Dissonance skills to hold both views at the same time. Adoptionism is generally held by those that reject the virgin birth narrative by claiming that Jesus wasn’t the son of God until he was inhabited by the Messiah at his baptism.

Next, they think that Jesus rules from Heaven invisibly and is undetectable. Jesus died for our sins and he was never to be visibly seen on earth again. He would rule from heaven until Judgement day when he kills all but 144,000 true Jehovah’s Witnesses. Currently, there are 8.13 million Jehovah Witnesses that think they will be a part of the 144,000 that will be going to heaven to rule with Jesus. This is similar to the Mormons because they believe they will become like Gods and given a planet to rule over. The amount of mental gymnastics needed for these beliefs is beyond me.

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