Jehovah’s Witness Trapped By Faith

What’s Up Heathens! Today we are finishing up our interview with current Jehovah’s Witness member Fenrir. He has actually lost his faith but is still considered part of the faith. Today we find out how he reconsidered his faith and what made him accept his atheism.

Fenrir had been inactive as a JW member for a while. He went to a JW convention and was able to step back from the information and look at it objectively. The propaganda of the JWs became very prominent. He was very angry over how bigoted this propaganda was. He needed some objectivity, so he found the John Cedars Channel. Cedars was able to put the entire conference in perspective for him.

He talks about the JW view on this life. How they are just here for the eternal paradise after they die. Normally Christians will throw at atheists that they don’t care about this life and that we hold no value on this life. Regularly this is completely opposite. He goes into what this eternal paradise is. Only 144K will actually go to heaven in the JWs faith. The rest will stay on earth in a perfect world. The 144K are basically prison guards in heaven.

Fenrir provides some good advice for JWs that are questioning. That is to clear your browser history. He was caught watching some videos and his fmily members freaked out. There is tension that exists now. He stresses that you need to be honest with people without blowing up with information. Fenrir also discusses the sneaky tactics of JWs.