The Firmament Isn’t Real

What’s up Heathens! Last week on the comments I asked you to pick the dumbest and you selected the Trump tweet. This week we have a slew of things like proof for a firmament, confusion on the Bible’s history, god creating an infinite amount of objects, and a lesson on perspective.

First up we have someone that doesn’t understand the differences in the Bible. They claim a whole 3 years of ministry before Jesus’ death while that is only one story. Others have him burning out really fast in Judea so you might want to reconsider how you think about the bible. Oh, and Neil Armstrongs quote doesn’t prove he went to the moon. It was just something he said while on the moon. Next, apparently, God made the Big Bang happen and created an infinite amount of objects. Obviously, this is wrong because there was no need for a creator to bang the Big Bang. Also, there isn’t an infinite amount of objects in the universe. There is a finite amount of matter in the universe. Visible matter only takes up a small portion while the rest is this Dark Matter.

Then this guy just yells at us about how the earth is a flat plane and how stadium domes prove a firmament exists. He does end it with “JESUS IS THE WAY” so there is that. Kanika shows how my spiritual is blinded. Apparently, that is the organ next to your twerk module. I broke mine a while back. Rapheal is barely comprehensible dribble. Basically, it is chastising me for criticizing MorgueOfficial.  Finally, this guy calls me out for making fun of MorgueOfficial’s appearance. You can’t shave off your eyebrows and expect people not to say something. That’s ridiculous.