The Firmament is a Lie

What’s up Heathens! Today on the Flat Earther Max video we are going to be discussing why the Firmament is biblical as well as a geocentric universe. Yes, there are bible verses that support a geocentric universe. Despite the fact that it totally contradicts reality, I don’t understand why you would think that the bible is wrong.

First thing Max does is he tries to prove the earth has a dome covering us. He throws the usual bible verses around like they actually prove the crazy stuff he’s talking about. He says that it’s not biblical for the dome to be around a spherical earth because of tents. In the Bible, God talks about the dome like it were a tent and he says that pitching tents on sphere doesn’t make sense. It seems pretty fucking crazy because it is crazy.

Next, he tries to prove the sun rotates around the earth instead of what science (and reality) that says the exact opposite. He talks about a story in Joshua where God moves the sun back in the sky. In order for this to actually happen, God would need to stop the earth from spinning one way and make it spin another way. That has devastating effects on the earth. For one thing, everything not at the poles would be flung due east at over 1,000 mph. Basically, we would be pulverized. There are multiple ways to detect that we are spinning and revolving around the sun. Looking at other planets would give you a good indication of how moons rotate around larger planets. You can infer and extrapolate from there that it must operate the same for us and the sun. The Coriolis Effect is a good way to determine that we are spinning.

Good Bye Max

Thank God this Flat Earth Max video is done but I can guarantee that we will find no shortage of Flat Earthers supporting this idea that the Firmament is Biblical.