Christian Street Preachers Are Angry

What’s Up Heathens! Today we are going to cover an email that Christian Street Preacher Joe sent me after the second episode of his went up. I have to say that Joe is very angry with how I release these types of conversations. I have always done them like this.

First, he starts his complaint off with something from the description section of the historicity video. He complains about me saying that the first century Jews interpreted Psalm 22 to be a prophecy of Jesus and he infers that I mean he said that. I never said that he said that. He is twisting reality to conform to his persecution complex. Then he complains about the same Psalm saying that his clothes will be divided up and those things indicate crucifixion. They do not indicate crucifixion nor are they proof that Jesus was actually crucified. This Psalm was clearly seen as a prophecy of Jesus by the first-century Jews.

Then he starts in on the ad-hominem attacks. He claims that I twist his words and present him in unfair ways. I cut them up episodically, remove pauses, and remove “ums.” I try to make it a bit more watchable because I want people to watch it. He has yet to point out to me how I am twisting facts or unethically editing the video. He is being immature and stomping his feet because he didn’t come off as brilliant as he thought. Joe, I’m sorry you are unhappy with how our conversation went but I am going to post it as I see fit.