Bible Contains No Truth

What’s up Heathens! Today we reveal last weeks winner on Comments of the Day and we get into more ridiculous comments. Apparently, swearing on the Bible is the most trusted test you can perform. If someone doesn’t swear on the Bible that they did something, then they didn’t actually do it … like going to the moon.

First comment today is about Thanksgiving because this was recorded in November of last year. We should stop celebrating Thanksgiving because it’s genocidally oppressive to Native Americans. At this point, does the Thanksgiving we celebrate really embody that sentiment? I don’t think so. We all know that we fucked the Native Americans over and we continue to fuck them. Thanksgiving, like Christmas, is so commercialized that it doesn’t connect to the original event. We pretend it does. But it doesn’t.

Street Preacher Joe makes an appearance in a comment. He claims that his faith isn’t a religion but a relationship with Jesus. He is most definitely part of a religion. I don’t know why he has to act like he’s any different than the other Christians. Then we have good ole Monster Lopez who has multiple strokes while commenting. He’s defending Hyperianism and tells me to go back to Christianity. He admits I’m still a human though. That’s better than most Christians who say I’m demonically possessed by Satan.

King of The Castle is sorely mistaken about atheists being the first to call people fucktards. I have met people on both sides of the situation that are quick to call people names. Neither side is special in that regard. Also, atheists are not at war with anyone. We fight against idiocy and ignorance. Those things don’t have a religion but they run rampant in religion.

Swear on the Bible You Went To The Moon

The crown jewel of today comes from Jacky Vasquez. She tells me that the astronauts that landed on the moon were asked to swear on the Bible that they landed on the moon and they wouldn’t do it. First of all, you can swear on anything. One book is just as valid as another. The Bible isn’t a magical truth book like Wonder Woman’s lasso.