Why Catholics Aren’t Real Christians

Why Catholics Aren’t Real Christians


Catholics are Christians

What’s Up Heathens! Today on the Street Preacher Joe saga we are discussing a number of things to include why Catholics aren’t Christian. Catholics are most definitely Christian but since they don’t practice their religion like Street Preacher Joe they are not real Christians.

The first subject today is cities in the Bible. Apparently, if the bible is fictional then why are none of the cities in the Bible invented?  My point during the interview was that regardless of whether there were fictional cities or not, the lack of fictional cities doesn’t mean it’s not fictional. Sodom and Gomorrah are fictional cities. There is no archeological evidence to support that they actually existed. Sure, a lot of people have claimed to have found them but every claim is contradictory to the next. King Solomon’s mines never existed either. If none of these places were fictional, it still wouldn’t mean the Bible is historically accurate.

Then we talk about liars dying for what they believe. Street Preacher Joe claims that someone wouldn’t willingly die for a lie. That is compelling evidence to him. He keeps attacking a strawman argument though. I never suggested that the first Christians that concocted the story of Jesus died for a lie, which doesn’t preclude them from the ability to die for a lie. He brings up Paul as a person that would have died for a lie but I don’t think Paul thought he was lying. Paul admitted that apostles were those that had met Jesus after he rose from the dead and not that they had met him while he was alive. So any apostle in the first century would have had that vision and completely believed Jesus rose from the dead. Paul dying for what he believed is not evidence of existence.

No True Scotsman

Christians will ultimately commit a No True Scotsman in their lifetime. Street Preacher Joe does it with Catholics. He says that they aren’t real Christians because of how they practice their faith. He says that they don’t follow exactly what Jesus says because they follow the Vatican. The Vatican is a central authority for the faith but they still follow the teachings of Jesus. True, they extrapolate on the material some but just because they implement their faith differently than you doesn’t mean they aren’t Christians.

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