True Christians Are Crazy

What’s Up Heathens! Today on the Comments of the Day we celebrate Street Preacher Joe for winning last weeks favorite crazy comment. Today we have a lot of juicy comments including what it takes to be a real Christian. Apparently, that means you gotta a lighter version of Alex Jones without the possibility of an actual stroke on camera. First, we have to have some Jesus and Star Wars.

The first comment today, we have a person that wants to see a step by step map of evolution. Of course, we don’t have a step by step map of evolution. We have stages and various snapshots in the transitional fossil record. They also doubt micro-changes in bacteria and viruses. I don’t understand how they doubt that though. Next, we have Jane who should spend more time and attention to what she is typing. I understand missing a word but you can edit your comment. She doubts evolution by chance happening. She just doesn’t understand probability or how to type coherent sentences. Vitamin Sea disputes whether or not I can create air underwater. They claim I can’t and I have no idea why they are saying this shit. I do point out that I can make fart bubbles so I can release gases.

Now we get to the crown jewel of today, you have to believe the Vigilant Christian Mario if you’re a real Christian. This is just a poorly disguised No True Scotsman fallacy.  Tevon has some great commentary by telling me I sound stupid. That’s it just that I sound stupid. Thank you for elaborating on that point so I can do better. Then we have Elias that doubts this planet isn’t pro-life. 99% of the animals that have lived here have gone extinct. Yes, this planet kills most things.