Rainbows On A Flat Earth

What’s up Heathens! Today we are discussing a DelanoTV video where he talks about how rainbows exist on a flat earth.  He also discusses how fast the earth moves, satellites in orbit, and a bunch of other stuff.

First, He comes out strong by telling us that we should just accept that the earth is flat and you’re stupid. This is the best way to get someone on your side of the argument. He claims that everyone pushing a globe earth model does is just talk without showing evidence. That is obviously wrong because we always show our evidence. Flat Earther‘s are the ones usually lacking in evidence. Then we get into the idea that the earth is rotating very fast. He can’t feel that we are moving fast so therefore we can’t be moving fast. That’s really poor logic. A simple exploration of Physics will tell you that we are going the same speed as the earth and that is why we don’t perceive it to be moving. If two objects are going the same speed then both appear standing still to each other. Of course, actual science doesn’t matter to this guy.

Then we get into satellites in space. He can’t see the satellites in any photographs of the earth so they must not be there. Except that most objects in orbit are very small with the largest being the ISS which can be seen from the surface. The ISS is 300 ft in length and most objects in orbit are far less than that. The cameras that take pictures of the earth cannot show those small objects because they don’t’ reflect enough light to be seen.

Rainbows Need Mirrors?

Finally, we get to the rainbows. He claims that we need mirrors in order to create rainbows, therefore, we need a firmament to generate rainbows.  We don’t need mirrors we just need something to refract the light into the individual bands of light. Rainbows are actually 3D objects and what we perceive is only a sliver of the 3D object that is the rainbow. Rainbows are actually circular in nature and if you’re high enough in the air you can see it.