Flat EarthFlat Earth Illuminati Are NOT Real

What’s up Heathens! Today we have an amateur street preaching lad that is going to prove to us that the flat earth and the Illuminati are real using the bible. His reasoning boils down to “GOD SAID IT IN THE BIBLE THAT MAKES EVERYONE A LIAR”

So first, young max starts off by stating that people are afraid of the spiritual implications of a flat earth. I don’t know what spiritual implications. His first hurdle is to prove that the earth is flat and he does that with one simple “fact.” The bible says there are four corners so the earth must be flat. Well, he definitely has us in a pickle huh. Just because the bible says anything doesn’t mean that it’s reality. He literally says that he will believe the bible over the “rulers of this world” (being the devil).

Next, he’s going to go over how Satan rules this world and that everyone is lying to us. The governments, militaries, and private airliners are all lying to us. They serv Satan because they defy what the bible says. I want to point out that this whole line of biblical logic is too crazy for Answers In Genesis. The literally said in a live stream that the biblical proofs for a flat earth were never used by the church, which makes sense because the flat earth idea was fairly buried by the time the Christian church was established.

His adherence to the bible as being the true word of god has him prove that the Illuminati is biblically true. This is because of him saying that the entire world is ruled by Satan and every entity on this earth is lying to us.