9 Reasons Atheism Is A Joke and Wrong

9 Reasons Atheism Is A Joke and Wrong

Is this about Atheism?

What’s Up Heathens! Today on the show we are taking a look at a guy in a car that says Atheism is a joke… well he says atheism but I really think he means evolution.

So this guy goes through a lot of different reasons that are not related to atheism at all. The First reason is that he thinks that all life evolving from a single cell is hogwash. The only thing he has to offer to counter it though is to say it’s just ridiculous.

Another reason is that atheists just read a single book and suddenly they are experts. I don’t think there is a single atheist out there that is like this. Sure there are some condescending atheists out there that have a stick up their butt but that isn’t indicative of us as a group. That is just a people thing. He does the whole “You would need to know everything in the universe” schtick which we all know is ridiculous. We don’t have to know everything in order to doubt the existence of God.

Then he trash talks Darwin for his third reason. Darwin doubted his theory because he didn’t have the necessary physical evidence to support his theory but he did predict that we would find it. And we keep finding transitional fossils and evidence in our DNA. He also uses Darwin as an authority for Evolution and appeals to that authority as having more power than it actually does.

Then there is the “If we evolved from monkies, why are there still monkey’s” thing. Obviously, we have a common ancestor with other apes that we all diverged from. This really is simple stuff.

This isn’t about Atheism

Then he says that Carbon Dating isn’t accurate. He doesn’t present any kind of information to back up this claim. So given that he says nothing to prove it’s wrong we can dismiss his claim. If we wanted to explain the process to him we could. We could state that Radioactive dating is based on the constant decay rate of isotopes. My guess is he wouldn’t get much past that or he would say they aren’t always constant. Again, he has no evidence to suggest it’s wrong.

Apparently sick people miraculously healed is another bit of evidence that atheism is a joke. I don’t see how this is evidence of anything but ok.

He has more so you’ll just have to watch the video to find out how ridiculous he gets.

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  1. I survived 12 yrs of Catholic school and a very religious Catholic Mom. I believe my dad just went along for the ride. My mom was definitely the boss of the family! There were 8 of us kids. We went to Catholic school and we went to Church every Sunday. I remember every time we were in the car and we passed a Catholic church we had to bow our heads and say “God grant us peace in our time.”
    In high school I started thinking about things like “We can only go to Heaven if we were baptized”. Most of my friends weren’t baptized. Are they going to Hell?
    And I’ll never forget the question that one of the nuns asked the class to listen to carefully and answer the question. Question: If you see a baby and it’s mother drowning in a lake and you could only save one, which one would you save?
    Most of us chose the baby to save because the mother had already had lived many years and the baby should have a chance to live and grow up and learn. WRONG!!
    The mother should be the one to save because she can have more children. Hmm. Ok.
    I remember telling the Principal in high school that I needed to talk to her about something that was bothering me and needed her advice. So she brought me into her office and told me not to be nervous and told me that she was proud of me for coming to her for advice. I was scared to death of that old lady but I needed to talk to someone and there was no one else that I thought I could trust to give me loving, sound advice.
    So I just spilled it out. “I’m dating a black boy and I need advice on how to tell my mother.”
    She abruptly, with no explanation, said “You stop dating that black boy. It’s wrong!” Then she told me to leave her office.
    I knew how WRONG she was and I kept on dating the black boy. I started skipping school to see him. My grades were going from As and B’s to D’s and D’s. I started running away from home. I hated school and I hated the Catholic religion!
    I believe that all organized religions are scary and bad.
    I’m now 65 and most of my friends are(or say they are) Christian.
    When someone posts something like someone in their family is sick or someone I know is going to have surgery, 99% of the comments say things like, “You’re in my prayers” or “I’m praying for you”, I can’t say those things because I don’t pray for anything because no one has ever given me proof that God even exists.
    I’ve never shared these things before. And I’m not really sure that this is the right place to share. Thank you for listening. I’d love comments.

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