That’s Not What NASA Means

What’s Up Heathens! Today we have more comments from the peanut gallery of the internet. Apparently, atheists don’t want to believe in god because they want to sin. We all need Jesus right now too. He waits for no one while requiring everyone to wait for him. What a diva.

First up on the show is the Dumbass from last week. That is the telepathic rape person who doesn’t like masturbation. Well done for making all of us question reality for a second. Then, we start off the show today with some knowledge. Apparently, wallabies in Australia get pretty creative when they are high because they will make crop circles to screw with humans. That is so awesome!

Next, we have the highlighted comment of Atheists just don’t want to believe in god. Except this guy wrote a novel with no periods in it. He goes through the entire thing spouting out how we don’t want to believe and then things Jesus said. Honestly, I rarely read dribble like this because it can be summed up in like a few short lines. Then we have a flat-earther that says it’s intuitive to question the curve and even believe one doesn’t exist. Also, suck his nuts. Someone else gets confused about how much porn I watch. Probably because of the comments I make. Then there is another fat joke that everyone is tired of hearing.

Then we have a guy that says NASA in Hebrew means to deceive but it doesn’t actually mean that. That’s an incorrect transliteration of the Hebrew word they use. The Hebrew word they try to tie to NASA actually means “to lift up.” Then someone calls me out on the use of “evidences” which isn’t an actual word but I slip up on occasion. Then we have a bunch of good comments!