Illuminati isn’t real

What’s up Heathens! Today we have more comments and they are in no way crazy. Last time, A mysterious contender won by asking “Can atheists prove god doesn’t exist?” Everyone had an opinion on that. The Illuminati stops by for a visit.

The first comment is purely ignorant of science. They don’t understand that a scientific theory is different than a general theory, thought, or idea. The next commenter goes to heaven for just believing Jesus inconvenienced himself for a few days in order to save us from the things that he condemned us to. That takes a very gullible person. Next, I apparently sound like a typical baptist redneck so I just need to go back to where I came from. I have no idea why this guy thinks someone called Godless Engineer would be a baptist.

Next comment, I am filth apparently. And they proceed to rebuke me in the name of Jesus like a demon. Filth from Satan is totally more plausible than me being some asshole with an opinion. Oh, this next comment is the best. The son of the Illuminati is here to tell us that they are “pure reason” and promote hoaxes on the internet to remove religion. I sincerely doubt all that. Another redneck comment comes by. I don’t know why the redneck label precludes me from having a good argument against Morgue. Finally, we have Rosa again laughing about the evidence for the Big Bang. Apparently, the man-made evidence is something to be laughed at. Unbeknownst to her though, the Bible is created by men so her logic is internally inconsistent. I’m sure she considers the Bible to be written by God though. you would think God would have gotten a few things correct instead of bullshitting us all the time.