5 Scientific Facts That Finally Disprove Atheism (Part 2)

5 Scientific Facts That Finally Disprove Atheism (Part 2)

Scientific facts that aren’t scientific

What’s Up Heathens! A while ago we had a guy that was talking about 5 scientific facts that would disprove both evolution and atheism. He used a lot of “scientific facts” that weren’t actually facts. We counted up -100 pts that he lost on that video. Today he is back with more “facts”

The first “scientific fact” concerns complexity in organisms. He cites the blood’s ability to clot as a sign that we were designed by a creator. He forgets about Hemophilia though. It’s a genetic disorder passed from mother to child. It causes the blood to not clot properly. Now on a naturalistic explanation, we know to expect this kind of mutation. If a creator designed us, then why do we have such mutations in our genes? You would think he would have gotten at least the clotting system correct.

We had covered 3 facts prior to this, so this next “scientific fact” is supposed to be a final one. This “fact” is about halos in igneous rock formations. He says that they wouldn’t of formed over millions of years because the element that made them has a half-life of 3 seconds. The closest one I could find though was a claim that concerned an element with a 3 minute half-life but the rock formation had other uranium deposits that could explain the halo in question.

Suprise 6th “scientific fact” that we just can’t prove any of it because God never wanted it to be proved. He finally resorts to the crux of the Creationist claim and that is that we can’t prove god does/doesn’t exist because he doesn’t want it to be proved. You have to just believe.

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