Alternative Scientific Facts

What’s up Heathens! Today we are looking at a video that espouses 5 scientific facts that will definitely destroy atheism. Basically, these “scientific facts” are either fallacious or just outright incorrect.

First “fact,” is a God of the Gaps argument and it’s not that convincing. He uses the old “we only have 1% of knowledge, can’t God live in that gap.” That is not correct and unconvincing in general. He places supernatural explanations above actual scientific facts. Leading us to the second “fact” which is the second law of thermodynamics. He never really explains this completely he just goes into an old man ramble about the universe which gets very weird really quick. He says that the big bang is when everything exploded out of the sun. Then, doesn’t understand how planets became sphericle from jagged pieces of the sun. The concept of Gravity seems to escape him which is ironic.

Finally, He points out that DNA is another “scientific fact” that disproves atheism. The complexity of DNA is the point of contention here. He uses an argument from authority with Anthony Flew combined with an anecdotal story of his atheist-Christian conversion. DNA is complex but that doesn’t mean that it needed God in order to create it. He goes off on an argument from design and then confuses himself with atoms and cells. He mixes them up and mish-mashes the concepts.