Jews Wander Aimlessly

What’s Up Heathens! Today on the Daily Bible we have the Jews wandering for 40 years as a punishment from God. They had sent out 12 spies to Canaan who returned and causes everyone to doubt God’s holy protection so they get to wander for 40 years and never see milk and honey again.

First, we start out with Miriam, Moses’ sister that saved him as a baby, is rebuked by Moses because she doesn’t like this new woman Moses has taken. He got himself a dark-skinned Kushite of the line of Kushner. So not really Kushner but it makes me think of Kush. Anyways, she gets rebuked and contracts leprosy. As it always happens when you rebuked someone. She goes away for seven days and she’s fine.

Next, the Jews send out 12 spies to look at the surrounding area. The spies see Nephilim, giant people-angels, and they correctly report back to the people who then get scared. They don’t know if God is going to be able to protect them. It’s a reasonable concern but they have doubted God for the last time. God condemns them to wander the desert for 40 years. None of the people that he numbered in this whole book will ever see the land of Milk and Honey. That really sucks considering these are supposed to be his chosen people but he treats them so shittily.