Shock Of God Begs the Question of Human Evolution

Shock Of God Begs the Question of Human Evolution

Evolution is real

Shock Of God begs the question to try to impart Creationist ideals on the theory of evolution. He asks what created man in the theory of evolution and then rejects the explanation because it doesn’t conform to what he thinks the answer should be. This makes him dishonest and highlights his entrenchment in his Creationist ideals.

Begging the Question is common in Christian apologetics especially concerning evolution. Usually it’s who created the universe or who created man if not God. It assumes that some conscious agent had to do the creating. It is more probable that nobody did the creating and the universe/humanity is a natural consequence of how our universe works.

Shock of God is completely against human evolution in all forms and feels like the theory of evolution should be able to explain spontaneous creation of humans. That isn’t what the theory of evolution says.

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